See what other singles have to say about the Singles Reaching Singles Retreats and Praise Rallies.

30 Years of Making a Difference, 1977-2007:

Gerry, you were on my mind this past weekend, especially on Mother's Day. I was not only thinking about you enjoying time with your kids and grandkids, but about how you have been a "mother" to so many men and women over the years who never had the example of a godly mother to follow. I salute you Gerry for you have "filled the gap" for the hurting people. You're a gem and unfortunately there aren't many like you who are willing to pick up the mantle! - P.L.G.

Thank God, and thank you Gerry, for Singles Reaching Singles in Christ! It's our place where singles can go for family and fellowship, prayer (for my well to work in this dry spell, thank you Lord) and praise, healing and hope, and oh yes-food! God bless you Mama G for 30 YEARS of faithful leadership and love, and for being putty in His hands! Hope to see y'all at the retreat! - S.M.

Gerry Gallicchio is the ultimate Proverbs 31 woman. Her whole life's mission has been to glorify God in all she does. For the past 30 years she has been fulfilling the call of God on her life as a singles ministry leader. She is a rescuer of lonely, hurting, people, giving them hope in Christ Jesus with a safe haven of support and encouragement. Thank you, Mama G., for all you do. The love of Jesus brightly shines through your life's witness. - A.S.

I have known Gerry Gallicchio for over 20 years. Her dedication and love for the singles is well noticed by thousands who have been encouraged, healed through [the] Praise Rallies, small group bible studies and their annual Singles Retreats and more. All of this happens because of the love Gerry and her team has for hurting singles. Gerry has given her life to this cause and many times sacrificed beyond reason. Her mission is sure, her commitment is endless, and her experience provides a strong track record. Singles Reaching Singles In Christ is engaged on the front lines of single life and Gerry has successfully ministered with solid doctrine for the glory of God. - P.N.M.


"I went to this retreat with 'Great Expectations!' I truly feel that God fulfilled that in me and so much more. Not only did I come home with the blessing of God in my heart, but I came home with friends that I didn't have before. What a life-changing experience! Thank you for the opportunity." - L. P.

"The main thing that I received from the retreat is that I am O.K. in my singleness and that I am a whole cookie! I continue to reflect back to the workshop that Carol Hennesy did, Hope Floats, and the challenge she made to us. She told us to look in the mirror and see what God created. We should see the beautiful creation God has created because we are made in his image." - D. Q.

"What a wonderful time the retreat was. What a wonderful encounter with God. The place setting was fabulous, food was more than enough and good, meeting new friends was great, the teaching was just what I needed, and the presence of the Lord was outstanding." - D.W.

"By the time the [retreat] session was over, the walls of distrust and anger and hopelessness began to crumble, piece by piece, and I allowed God for the first time to take me in His arms and lavish His love on me. [It was] what I had been longing for these past 4 years." - T.S.

"The Fall Retreat helped me grow in the Lord. I felt like I was part of a close-knit family in which each member has his or her own gifts to contribute." - M.W.

"Thank you for the privilege of ministering in your organization. You are surrounded by a host of wonderful staffers. I enjoyed all the teachings and only wish I'd been there a day earlier! After listening to the other taped recordings.I delighted in hearing how we were all connected in our topics. It was awesome how God intertwined and reconfirmed each other's points." - S.C. (guest speaker)

"I'm so glad we met.. I believe God exposed me to you and your ministry for many purposes. I think your ministry is much needed and I know God is blessing it and you." - S.B.

Praise Rallies:

"Last weekend was my first SRS Praise Rally. It was wonderful to experience the intensity with which the people worshiped God. I came away with new friends that God has already used to change my life." - J. W.

"The Singles Reaching Singles Praise Rally in Sarasota was an absolute blessing! The praise and worship brought me into the very presence of God and the message from Pastor Lafler was a 'right-now' word. And it was wonderful to get together with retreat friends and renew friendships at the fellowship time afterwords. Thanks Gerry for making events like this available for singles." - L. G.